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Lynda Carter never cried when the bad men came
She just looked them in the eyes and said, “Behave.”
And our mothers gave us loving looks
And covered us in comic books
We’d write city symphonies in crayon on the edge of every page

And the armies crawled across our linen sheets on Monday mornings
When a touch of what was going around had come around to us
And our newlywed, adoptive mothers
Covered us in colored covers
We watched I Love Lucy and were happier than we would dare to say

Silver Surfers flew inside
Of our windows every other night
And we’d wake up imagining, we’d wake up imagining
And solar flares and fireballs
Would dance around the threadbare walls
And set our tiny eyes ablaze
With wonder at the things we thought we knew

Lynda Carter never cried when the bad men came
She’d just look them in the eyes and they’d behave
And we’d have our toast with marmalade
Drape sheets across our shoulder blades
And raid the fridge for ice cream
Till we heard the keychain jangling at the door

And our unwed teenage mother
Gave us one too many brothers
But we wrapped him in a pillowcase and loved him all the same
And when Tuesday came along
We went back to singing spelling songs
And Saturday was there before we knew it
And we’d known it all along


from Older Boys, released October 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Art Sorority for Girls Washington, D.C.

DTA's dreams of love and anxiety, since 2002.

(Photo by Lars Gotrich)

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